Thursday, April 19, 2012

No . . . Day #19

i can only be good for so long
i can pretend to tow-the-line . .
i wrote richard nixon back in 1972
then cut my hair & wore black eye-liner for 4 months
while listening to the ramones
i will not write what you say . . .
that is the truimph on 'opposites' day
fuck that
as i feel the gray-cloud needle's sweet-tart bite into skin
balanced on the precipice of constraint
i want to chase cars like a black mongrel
dressed in burlesque red ; feathered, shadowed
i will juggle balls of fire
spin planets of irish crytal
writing upon your skin of hope's desire
love deep & fierce
sucking at marrow & possibility
fuck that
it's cloudy today, and i like that  . . . 

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