Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day #17 . . Dear . . .

Dear Glass Harlequin Heart,
your cool, verdant smoothness of sand & water transformed
fusing, slumping : manipulation cool
softness occurs at 1501 degrees ....
warmed to skin by holding & trust
molded for high-spectrum effect
reflective secrets trapped by shadows & sun
rudimentary Kemet surrenders to the efficient fused
roman rules of glassblowers & soul twisters
stacking, soaks
of green apple weight & bite
damn the dark, damn the light
1501 moon's
1501 metronomed beats to where you are
1501 songs trapped inside
1501 miles to the eleventh house
bring to the temperature of your skin
your skin
1501 degrees
your crystal secrets safe . . .

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