Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day #14 : dialoge of June's soul in April

A poem that takes the form of a dialoge 

discontent this chartered course 
mornings rift my soul-weary
lazy this daybreak 
the hollow filled with machinations of remorse 
sun .... 
and need echo the call of spring's feathered things 
silently leaning into wanderlust & wings 

solace thoughtlessly stirred
in a cup of licorice-peppermint tea 
by small hands tendering the hollow from sternum to bone 
pulse cradled by a well-read copy of bird by bird 
bestows equanimity's fate—surrender's sign 
rising to movement in three-quarter time 

watching the wounded's fear balloon with ire 
my dialoged fool's shame 
slipped in shadow's rabbit hole 
with death's smell of less and sorrow's indigo fire 
fire .... 
warms the ache, lulls the intellect to slumber 
clenching fists in dark folded thunder 

hours held in soul's endless chatter sure-of 
colliding in night's moon parting shine 
petaled story—petaled light 
measured in the open weight of love 
oh beat of heart and being! 
the song of spring's feathered things 
contently leaning into wonderlust & wings 

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