Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day #30 : to blue again ...

write a poem backwards .... start with the last line and work back to the beginning or take one already written, flip the order of the lines, edit so the poem works in this new order

original: to blue ...

bring me blue & leave me here ...
to harden
rocked by spray of blue
capable & precise
with absolute bearing
bring me blue & leave me here

where hours & bones
strength & trust collide in the wounded starshine
solitude made fragile by wind &amp
water gloriously unearthed
bring me blue & leave me here
bone-chilled surrender rolling into
sapphire wickedness
aqua infinite
winds warm
smooth water open
vast & blue
to a time under the whiteness of moon
to a time in the bleed of day
earth & sky i have always known
tender amongst the open fields of golden wheat, milo & corn silk

i am a child of the plains & prairie

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