Friday, April 3, 2015

#3 : eclipse

a Fourteener - fourteeners have any number of lines but each line should have fourteen syllables

almonds swelling bursting as ripe cherries upon the tongue 
as thirty-one thousand sparks fire dance to a song of drums 
entwining and binding in three-quarter time pinwheels spin 
a strain a note of lowing cello moonlight on its whim 

time spinning inside to out rolling skipping turning once
at once both slow and ponyfast pressed naked to the touch 
blue magnetic knowing dancing 'cross fields of yellow grain 
coming to Led Zeppelin we dash to catch the electric train

time means nothing/everything held within the luscious fuck 
seventy thousand sparks carved exquisitly by hearts luck 
pulled taunt the thread released pulled to the pop firework snap 
'till we chart this place of skin mapped by mercurys ink breath tapped 

bone to bone we lay honeysuckle furrow to shaft sage 
rising breathing beating faster bewildered assuage 
to surrender surety transcendent alchemy 
in separation self suspends to sacred agony 

release of silver salt mercury to burnish mornings bloom 
pain and magic temper the fresh sage scent of witches broom 
objects sharpen colors shift to narrow as the burn recedes 
oddly beautiful the ridge of wound the taste of glass and apple mead 

time tumbles stumbles righting and aligning back from collide 
taste of ash and beat of gold linger golden slumbers tide 
time stood still while tender wrapped in threads gossamer kind-of
veiled path charted dreams a thousand steps better than love