Friday, April 17, 2015

Day #17 : call to ink

a "social media" - style poem ,,,,

too much in-put no out-put stasis stunned by the float of information too much too much never enough time never enough #ticktock#norestfortheweary#eatme#drinkme#readme no sink to sinew no hyacyinth fingers dripping dancing anxious with the need to write write write words to life to breath these parceled ink fragments aching aching for the carousel ride carnival ride top-down car ride pony ride under moonlight the furthest damn thing from tweets and tinder give me midnights over a thousand followers over the updates and notifications give me solace from the doldrums of too much in-put give me my muse calling at mid-day as blue jays echo through the neighborhood give me 
a simple white page for ink and memory .... #writeme #openme 

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