Thursday, April 16, 2015

Day #15 : Ode to that upper left corner

a poem that addresses itself ....

you've been a bit illusive
there within 
a challenge to capture the corners
of your essence-edged skin

but late last night while driving
 I-80 heading west
i felt your knot of always
in the upper left of chest

remember when i found you?
in a Boulder coffee cave
nag champa, weed & cambrics
you were hiding with the brave

there was something vaguely easy
recognizing where you belonged
i tucked you deep inside me
as Ginsberg spoke his song

we've always had this companionship
born of darkness cracked
you spoke from deep inside me
i held the ink to task

sometimes you came harder
striving to break my pale skin
sometimes you dripped like honey
i knew my muse would win

competition is his forte
challenge & wisdom his shine
i savored every moment
though you're never truly mine

so, last night i felt the bubble
a dart, a glimpse, a spark
of your daring silver presence
while driving in the dark

you leave a taste of cherries
there upon my tongue
the air smells of ginger-lightening
it has since we were young

so lets not play the game
of hide-n-seek this way
i know you glow inside me
in dark and light of day

so come when i call you
illude me not my friend
allow the words to tumble
this poem now to end

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