Monday, April 20, 2015

Day #20 : savoir

a poem that states the things I know ....

I know returning Sandhill Cranes mean Spring 
 ... the pewter darkness of clouds bring thunder
what lives must die
I know the rip of broken hearts sunder 

I know the timeless April breeze 
... the smell of my fathers cologne 
I know the taste of you on my tongue 
that the sun on my face means home 

I know the deep magic bound in a book 
... that music fuels my soul 
what goes around comes around 
I know how sorrow takes a toll 

I know the wicked weaving of knowing 
... the rush of cool to hot 
I know the firework love of a child 
that the price of love is sought 

you know this rhyme is an ouroboros 
forever chasing the true 
just as I'm sure I have it 
another known fragment comes through 

so I'll close before I linger
before knowing is cheapened by more 
the only thing I know for certain 
knowing is an open door 

I know the beauty of simple things 
... the light of the sun and moon 
I know that love is the everything 
and that the cranes are gone by June .... 

1 comment:

  1. Really love the balance in this poem and especially the closing!