Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day #18 : Parallax

a poem that involves an urgent journey and important message 
( I intended to go rogue and just write in the moment but my moment was sort prompted by a journey and there is a message!) 

it rounds the corner at lightening speed
i am thunder years behind it 
counting ...
one mississippi two mississippi three mississippi
three thousand years away
i have missed the boat
missed the point
let go of the ball
no runs no outs 
no sighting of halley's comet 
no rabbit hole 
no bull by the horn
no skipping the light fantastic 
the ship sailed
chickens have flown the coop 
elvis has left the building 
.... with no inking of lines about the twilight & tail lights leading me home 
passing storms radio romance the smell of wild iris trains and rain 
it's escaping running away to join the circus the rodeo or outward bound
while wearing a jaunty moss green beret flipping me the finger flying backwards 
turkey vultures circle to pick up the hat and pick word bones dry of related cosmic matter 
rejoicing in my return to felted silence 
fuck writers block 


  1. Oh yes there is a message and I'm going to make it my own for a little while. :)