Sunday, March 27, 2011


i see the writing on my heart so clearly
i see the hardness of this distance from you
gone is the doubt & fear that tried to bind me
come feel the colors of this night
shift to blue ...
enfold this sorrow & talk to me dearly
wrapped in curly- willow & snow freshly new
found is the morrow in the echo of the valley
secure in the love & sureness of you
oh carry me
tucked safely in your pocket
oh carry me
forever in your soul
oh carry me
far across the hillside
oh carry me
closer to you
we travel solo
for most of this lifetime
we travel burdened by the baggage of our days
we make a turn
and change into the path of most resistance
we pause a beat and step out of the haze ...
oh carry me
far across still water
oh carry me to your barren, rocky shore
oh carry me thru forests green & silent
oh carry me with you forever more ,,,,


  1. This is beautiful, beyond words. It stays an image in my mind.