Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sleep in late winter ...

last night i dreamed that dream ..

the dream where we lay
in a large, burled-mahogany four-poster bed
with sheets of baby-yellow-linen
the walls were of this heavy, green stone
dusted with moss
the ancient, mullioned window was
your mother
brought us breakfast
of fruits & breads
in a basket
she was delightful & wore her chestnut hair pulled up
into a red blossom
she wore a white dress
we were young, yet strangely ... old
we were joyously happy
it was spring
and we smelled of soap & midnight
i don't recall your mother much
and this past winter may have been her last ...
but would she have fed me breakfast in bed ??
would she have liked me ?
kisses. open.  
sparkling wonder laced with
sunshine & want ....
open rumbled yellow morning joy


  1. I love it! Beautiful imagery & I think that I have had a similar dream.

  2. Oooohhhhh that's interesting Melanie
    .... figured it was some ancient arch-type myth nipping at the heels of my subconscious :) !!! apparently - it's nipping at yours also !

  3. Did you know her? Her passing was peaceful and serene. She liked anyone who liked her. And yes she would have liked you... but you knew that didn't you?

  4. I had this dream about a month previous to it's being written . it took a month before I could even come close to describing it - it was so very real & then, as I played it over & over, I realized she would have liked me. because I loved you .