Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home Ec

i made a flowered jumpsuit for Home Ec . . .
purple, yellow, pink
well, i was suppose to make a jumpsuit
this would indeed secure for me a bright & sunny, prosperous future
complete in every way
i made a jumpsuit for Home Ec
it was shapeless & odd
also we cooked blueberry muffins
muffins & jumpsuits would pave a perfect path towards Nirvana
of course, i didn't know what Nirvana was then ,,,,
though i had tasted it in a kiss
i had felt it under a June sun
and i could smell it walking on a snowy night
when i was small, it was in my grandfathers hand ,,,,
fairly certain that it was not found in Typing, Algebra
or Home Ec
the mechanics of sex were taught in Home Ec
in, out, protection, marriage, baby
pink papers & close the shades !!!!
this is a penis
we did not learn about heart in Home Ec
we did not learn about heart
independence, humor, compassion
pathos, eros, logos, ethos  
or how when you lay with someone, regardless of intent
and your naked & breathless ....
it changes you
folds you upon yourself so the raw-selvaged edge shows
Home Ec didn't teach you about worth or love
or writing your own story.
i didn't like Home Ec
i wanted Fitzgerald, Anais Nin & Kipling
Paris,  Dublin & Lord Byron
i wanted Flight School ......

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  1. I failed at Home Ec as well. Couldn't scramble an egg properly. Who knew?