Monday, March 21, 2011


... of the rain that washes these windows, hungry of wine, of heavy bread, of books, of blogs, of leather boots with high heels & tango shoes, of lectures & knowledge, of color, of smells.
i'm fucking hungry. 
i crave visions, revelations, magic, snow, dancing, language, poetry, thoughts that explode or linger, words that bleed, words that bruise, touch that heals.
i want to eat your laughter, the sound of your sighs, have all-you-can-eat-buffets of your silence and your semen, steak, underwear, wind, stout beer drowned in music.
i'll devour your salt-honeyed skin and all of your cherry tomatoes
i am obscenely hungry
of touch, movement, snow, quantum rabbit holes, peace, sunshine, mountain breezes, edible words like cunt & fuck
give me cigar smoke, tribal dreams and rainforests
sweet smell of honeysuckle
and your smell
your smell
one, two, three ...
madly hungry i am.
let me chew, gulp. lick, lick once again, kiss forever
to stick my tongue into every goddamn hole, to have my mouth full of you
songs, strawberries, earth, joy. 
to feed the mirror image, to surrender to the hunger really
unlock the larder, turn over the desk, pull down your underwear, get wet, pour your mind into my hands