Tuesday, March 15, 2011


... is there always one ? one who fits no mold, does the unexpected, who inhabits your heart as as no one can ? one whom you can't let go - he passes thru our lives and creates poetry & chaos - waking you up to ancient treasures buried under layers of scar tissue & debris .... who holds you so accountable that the anger rises up, up up pouring from the very marrow of your bones ...... and there is this involuntary hunger & perverse need for more ..? does everyone have - one ? this is no disney romance, this is no realized/idealized soulmate who completes you - rather one who challenges & pulls & pushes & confuses the fuck out of you .... there is no reconciliation here ... no closure - no end game. merely the knowing that all paths converge and break away ... only to suddenly blend once more as we navigate over rocks, mud... sometimes paying so much attention to the ground beneath our feet, we don't look up, up, up and see the moon and the stars and indigo night until it is to late - and we glance up, stumble and suddenly - we've lost something - some sparkling magical thing that felt right. and you walk down your path alone with this involuntary glimmer of that something more ...... and a knowing that someday, around some unremarkable corner - there it is again ... day 1649.

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