Monday, March 7, 2011


i am attracted to dangerous men 
men with no plan & too much game
men who stand in doorways 
and lean 
musicians - all musicians are dangerous men
men who wear button-fly 501's & drink Guinness
i want to be a groupie with the IRA
and sit amongst fierce madness & purpose
wear short skirts & no underwear
i am attracted to dangerous men
men with foreign accents & no last name
men who suck life in & laugh at speed
who whisper between thighs
and smell of jasmine & diplomaticos
i want to hold fast to his taunt back as we ride across some
saguaro pine mesa ... hold fast
and watch the sun rise up in the East
and scream at the top of my being 
that I am
          a Dangerous Woman


  1. oh yeah, bad boys and cowboys and motocycle riders...ooooh baby

  2. Why do we get attracted with good looking man with a bad boy image or a ladies' man?

  3. That, Annie is a very good question that no one can answer but when I'm 90 (if I make it that long) I know I will still love the rumble of a big Harley with the man in black and the doo rag with shades lookin' all bad-ass with his hands high on those bars and eyes straight ahead. :)