Wednesday, March 30, 2011


sitting in this airport bar
after slamming your truck door 
our love's not working anymore
seems i missed the memo
ignored some crazy fly-by 
allowed this mountain-fairy-tale
was it worth this holiday try?
can't understand why i'm crying
i can't connect the dots
this kaleidoscope of sorrow
tumbles & won't stop
for a thread of brilliant knowing
and a shot-glass full of truth 
my heart spins in fractured free-fall
like whiskey and vermouth
can't understand when i'm crying
.... searching for the why ....
stuck in this frosted moment
suspended in a broken-heart cry 
trapped by our mismatched baggage
spinning unclaimed--heartbreak on the side
bending to touch redemption
our worlds no more collide
i rise to evolution
which each movement -- compassion is found
will not carry your myopic fear with me 
i'll leave it here upon this sagebrush ground 
don't tell me your righteous knowing 
the path
the truth 
and the light ...
your cynical crystal-ball vision
is shadowed by
our last gentle night
.... blue green always is your color 
and you smell of warmth & pine
patterns of moonlight on blue blue snow
somehow ...
your hand will always fit mine

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